Academic Affairs Subcommittee

This subcommittee will make recommendations related to a) course scheduling, b) curriculum & instruction, c) online programs, and d) online non-credit offerings. As the subcommittee makes these recommendations, it will prioritize optimizing, simplifying, or streamlining the student experience and conditions for student success.

Co-Chair: Rebecca Woulfe

College: Front Range Community College (FRCC)

Position: Vice President of Academic Affairs

Co-Chair: Amy Kahn

College: Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline)

Position: Dean of Academic Affairs

Co-Chair: Jesse LaRose

College: Colorado Northwestern Community College

Position: Dean of Arts and Sciences

Subcommittee Members

April Menzies FRCC | Instructional Dean |

Ayelet Zur-Nayberg RRCC | Director of Adult Student Success |

​​​​​​​Chris Luchs CCCOnline | CTE Division Chair |

Darius Smith CCA | Instructor (POS) |

Danen Jobe ​​​​​​​CCCS | Director of Academic Programs and Curriculum |

Deidre Schoolcraft PPCC | Professor (Math) |

Jennifer McKee CCCS | Colorado Online PM/BA |

​​​​​​​Josie Mills ACC | Associate VP of Instruction |

Julie Kotalik Trinidad State | Faculty |

Kimi Kelley CCCS | Instructor |

Mike Coste RRCC | Dean of Instruction |

Tammy Ward CCCS | Dean of Concurrent Enrollment |

Travis Parkhurst PCC | Instructor (Fine Arts, Humanities, and Media Communications) | travis.parkhurst@pueblocc@edu


  • Course Scheduling
    • Develop a centralized and/or coordinated process to determine courses to be offered
    • Outline strategy for assigning instructors (including faculty)
    • Define a process for determining how new sections are added to meet demand
    • Identify business requirements to inform the course scheduling technology build
  • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Draft description for accreditation agencies outlining how colleges align with each home college’s standards, practices, services, and values
    • Prioritize list of issues related to instructional quality and teaching excellence
    • Outline plan for professional development to support teaching excellence
  • Academic Programs
    • Formulate discipline/program review guidelines
    • Describe how to scaffold courses to programs
    • List current fully online degree and certificate offerings
    • Recommend future fully online degree and certificate offerings
    • Identify necessary wrap-around services for programs – “sequential, cumulative, and graded in complexity”
    • List universities to build system articulation agreements via Bridge to Bachelors Online
  • Non-Credit Offerings
    • Identify which non-credit courses & credentials should be offered statewide or across multiple service areas
    • Describe how new non-credit courses will be identified and developed


2/18 Mini-Conference Recordings

Academic Affairs Lunch Drop-In Q&A
Academic Affairs Lunch Drop-In Q&A