Technology Subcommittee

This subcommittee is charged with making recommendations related to online course registration technologies, online teaching and learning technologies, technology support services and other technology-related issues. As the subcommittee makes these recommendations, it will prioritize optimizing, simplifying and/or streamlining the student experience and conditions for student success.

Co-Chair: Jon Johnson

College: Red Rocks Community College (RRCC)

Position: Dean of Instructional Technology


Co-Chair: Frank Vazquez

College: Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline)

Position: Director of Academic Technology

Subcommittee Members

Bill Tankovich FRCC | LMS Coordinator |

James Morski CCD | Instructor (Math) |

Jennifer McKee CCCS | Colorado Online PM/BA |

Kate Hagerty CCCOnline | Instructor (MGD) |

Kristin Rivedal CCCOnline | LMS Coordinator |

Lee Christopher ACC | E-Learning Director |

Mahdi Omar CCCS | IT |

Nicholas Swails CNCC | Associate Dean of Arts & Science, History & Humanities​​​​​​ | 

Rana Brown OJC | Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs |

Robin Leach PCC | LMS Coordinator | ​​​​​​​


  • Identify which technology support services would be best centralized and which need to be provided locally
  • Recommend LMS configuration and integration to best project goals and orchestrate transition
  • Complete technology build for course schedule
  • Complete technology build for one application that identifies home college and allows students to take classes from the entire CCCS via consortial agreement. Streamline the process for prospective students (e.g., immediate account creation)
  • Determine how to reduce or manage potential surge in support calls – password resent is a top support call. New cybersecurity protocols require changing password every 6 months


2/18 Mini-Conference Presentation & Recordings

D2L Messaging Focus Session Recording
Technology Lunch Drop-In Q&A