Learning Design Subcommittee

This subcommittee is charged with recommendations related to online teaching and learning frameworks and elements, training for faculty and adjunct instructors, selecting or adopting course materials, and other learning design issues. As the subcommittee makes these decisions and recommendations, it will prioritize optimizing, simplifying or streamlining the student experience and conditions for student success.

Co-Chair: Stephanie Wickman

College: Front Range Community College (FRCC)

Position: Director of Instructional Design and Educational Technology

Co-Chair: Tina Parscal

College: Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline)

Position: Associate Vice Chancellor for CCCOnline and Academic Affairs

​​​​​​​Subcommittee Members

Amanda Hardman ACC | Instructional Designer | amanda.hardman@arapahoe.edu

Dolly Rosenbrook FRCC | faculty | dolly.rosenbrook@frontrange.edu

Emily Perry CCCOnline | Access & Equity Services Professional | emily.perry@cccs.edu

Grace Whiteaker CCCOnline | Instructional Designer | grace.whiteaker@cccs.edu

Janessa Jacobs RRCC | Instructor | janessa.jacobs@rrcc.edu

Janiece Kneppe RRCC | Faculty | janiece.kneppe@rrcc.edu

Jennifer McKee CCCS | Colorado Online PM/BA | jennifer.mckee@cccs.edu

Julie Kotalik TJC | Faculty | julie.kotalik@trindadstate.edu

Kelly O’Dell CCA | Faculty | kell.odell@ccarapahoe.edu

Laylonda Maines CCCOnline | Instructor | laylonda.maines@cccs.edu

Nancy Denton PCC | Instructional Designer | nancy.denton@puebloecc.edu

Peter Lindstrom CCD | Dean of Math & English | peter.lindstrom@ccd.edu

Robin Schofield PPCC | Associate Professor Director | robin.schofield@ppcc.edu

Veronica Koehn NJC | Director of Academic Excellence | veronica.koehn@njc.edu


  • Identify shared course framework
  • Identify common course design elements, including standards for ensuring ADA accessibility
  • Document process for designing ready-to-teach courses in collaboration with state discipline groups, including selection of course/instructional materials
  • Identify common tool for syllabus building and sharing


2/18 Mini-Conference Presentations & Recordings

Healthy Course Checklist Focus Session Recording
Collaborative Course Design Focus Session Recoding 1
Collaborative Course Design Focus Session Recording 2
Collaborative Course Design Focus Session Recording 3
Learning Design Lunch Drop-In Q&A