Learning Resources Subcommittee

This subcommittee is charged with making recommendations related to library services, open educational resources, third-party vendor learning resources, and other issues related to course materials. As the subcommittee makes these recommendations, it will prioritize optimizing, simplifying or streamlining the student experience and conditions for student success.

Co-Chair: Bryan Bryant

College: Red Rocks Community College (RRCC)

Position: Vice President of Administrative Services

Co-Chair: Brittany Dudek

College: Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline)

Position: Library Coordinator

Subcommittee Members

Amy Nunnally FRCC | Faculty (Science) | amy.nunnally@frontrange.edu

Chris McGrath PCC | Library Services Director | christina.mcgrath@pueblocc.edu

Cynthia Krutsinger PPCC | Director of eLearning | cynthia.krutsinger@ppcc.edu

Eileen Clymo CCCOnline | Business Services Director | eileen.clymo@cccs.edu

Gerry Baygents TSC | Faculty (Math) | gerry.baygents@trinidadstate.edu

Heather Brungardt NJC | Director of Bookstore Services | heather.brungardt@njc.edu

Jennifer Goodland LCC | Director of Library and Learning Support Services | jennifer.goodland@lamarcc.edu

Jennifer McKee CCCS | Colorado Online PM/BA | jennifer.mckee@cccs.edu

Julianne Vialpando CCCOnline | Academic Operations Manager | julianne.vialpando@cccs.edu

Karen Neville RRCC | Director of Library Services | karen.neville@rrcc.edu

Lisa Chestnut ACC | Director of Library/Learning Commons | lisa.chestnut@arapahoe.edu


  • Determine base level of library services and online library resources that are available and delivered centrally
  • Identify common course design elements, including standards for ensuring ADA accessibility
  • Document process for designing ready-to-teach courses in collaboration with state discipline groups, including selection of course/instructional materials
  • Identify common tool for syllabus building and sharing


2/18 Mini-Conference Recording

Learning Resources Lunch Drop-In Q&A