Student Support Services Subcommittee

This subcommittee is making recommendations related to registration experience, financial aid process, grading and transcripts, advising, tutoring services, accessibility services, and other student support services issues. As the subcommittee makes these decisions and recommendations, it will prioritize optimizing, simplifying or streaming the student experience and conditions for student success.

Co-Chair: Chico Garcia

College: Front Range Community College

Position: Dean of Student Affairs, Online Learning

Co-Chair: John Schmahl

College: Colorado Community College Online (CCCOnline)

Position: Dean of Student Affairs

Co-Chair: Steven Smith

College: Northeastern Junior Colleges

Position: Vice President of Student Services

Subcommittee Members

Anaya Reyna CCA | Dean of Students |

Annessa Stagner LCC | Dean of Academic Services |

Ayelet Zur-Nayburg CCCS | Director of Adult Student Success |

Barb Benedict PCC | Enrollment Services Director |

Brian Grewe ACC | Director Disability Access Services |

Chico Garcia FRCC | Dean of Student Affairs, Online Learning |

Jennifer McKee CCCS | Colorado Online PM/BA |

Karla Nash CCCS | Financial Aid Director |

Kathryn Mahoney CCD | Student Programming and Resource Center Associate Dean |

Linda Hertz PPCC | Instructor |

Lisa Brown-Roberts | CCCOnline | Manager of Enrollment and Student Success |

Marisha Manfre RRCC | Assistive Technology Professional |

Michael Schulman CCCS | Director of Student Affairs |

Mike Gage PCC | Student Support & Outreach Services |

Scott Scholes MCC | Vice President of Student Services |


  • Streamline application process so students do not need to apply at multiple colleges
  • Identify priorities for student registration experience
  • Outline a financial aid process to that students can seamlessly use home college financial aid for online courses at other colleges
  • Define business rules, such as defining student FT status when enrollment is spread across multiple institutions (see CVC-OEI Consortium) and how PT to FT status affects other units, like financial aid
  • Create guidelines for consistency in and streamlining of accessibility services throughout the consortium – e.g., students request accessibility accommodations once and the accommodations are applied to courses taught by other colleges
  • Create guidelines for consistency in access to and use of advising throughout the consortium, including roles of navigators
  • Identify how to best provide student support services to online students in the consortium, including which should be provided centrally, which should be provided locally, and which can/should be college specific
  • Set up communication flows for consistent communication with students


2/18 Mini-Conference Recording

Student Support Services Lunch Drop-In Q&A